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Crayon Christmas Trees

Wondering what to do with all the small chunks of crayons left in the box at the end of the year? Why not turn them into a beautiful Christmas tree! Follow the easy steps below to create your own!
  • Step 1Gather your leftover crayons or cut your crayons into small chunks using scissors. Adult supervision is recommended when using scissors. Organise the crayon colours into your chosen colour combinations. We have used 3 colours per tree but you can choose any combination you wish!
  • Step 2Arrange the groups of crayons into the silicone mould so each tree is full. More crayons in the mould will result in a thicker tree.
  • Step 3Time to melt the crayons! The silicone mould is suitable for both the oven and microwave. Adult supervision is recommended when using an oven or microwave. DO NOT leave the crayons unattended whilst melting them. We microwaved our trees for approximately 8 minutes. Alternatively if baking is your preference, we baked them at 150 degrees for approximately 5 minutes. These timings will vary based on the individual microwave/oven so please be sure to keep watch so the crayons don’t begin to smoke & burn.
  • The crayons don’t need to be fully melted down to liquid form. You will most likely see a lot of liquid but there will also be chunks of crayon still visible depending on how big the pieces of crayon were to begin with.
  • Step 4Once you can see the crayons have melted, carefully remove the mould using oven mitts or a tea towel. The silicone mould will be hot so do not touch it with your bare hands. Place the mould in the freezer and let the crayons re-set for at least 5-10 minutes.
  • The melted liquid may also appear to be quite brown. Once the crayon has re-set and you pop it out of the mould you should see a more colourful underside.
  • Step 5Pull the silicone mould out of the freezer and begin to carefully pop out each of the trees.
  • Step 6Your colourful crayon Christmas trees are now complete! You can use them for drawing, gift them to a friend or even join 2 together with a loop of twine or ribbon to create an original tree ornament!

Materials used in this activity

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