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Paper Cup Rocket Launcher

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3. 2. 1. BLAST OFFFFF! Use basic craft materials to create your very own paper cup rocket launcher for Space Week!
  • Step 1Start with 2 paper cups. Decorate one as a rocket and the other as the base for the rocket launcher. We have used markers to create a red rocket and a rocket flame base. You could also use pencils or paint to decorate - or even add in collage materials or glitter! Allow to dry if needed.
  • Step 2Take a sheet of origami paper and bend 2 corners inwards, overlapping them to form a point. Use tape to hold in place then cut the bottom of the paper away with scissors. You will now have a cone shape. Trim the edge so it is straight if needed. Adult supervision is recommended when using scissors.
  • Step 3Place the cone on top of the rocket cup and attach in place using tape.
  • Step 4Take the excess paper from step 2 and fold in half with the white side facing out. Draw the shape of a wing onto the paper then cut out with scissors so you have 2 wing pieces. Fold a tab along the straight edge of each wing and then use the tabs to attach each wing to the rocket cup using tape.
  • Step 5Use a sharp pencil to carefully poke 4 holes around the edge of the rocket cup opening. Place one at the front of the cup, then directly opposite at the back and the other 2 on either side of the cup.
  • Step 6Take 2 rubber bands and cut them so you have 2 long elastic band pieces. Thread 1 band through the holes front to back, tying large knots on the outside so the band holds in place. Do the same with the second band, threading it through the side holes and tying in place so the bands form a cross as shown. Trim any excess.
  • Step 7Your rocket is now ready to launch! Place the rocket on top of the launcher, gently push the rocket down and then release to see your rocket fly into the air!

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