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Delicate Napkin Flower Rings

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These delicate flowers make the perfect accessory for your napkin and your guests can take them home as a little gift at the end of the night! A simple process that creates a stunning effect.

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  • Step 1To make your flower petals, take your piece of florist wire and curl one end around a small paintbrush. Twist the ends together to hold in place.
  • The petals need to be quite small so that the nail polish can stretch across them without breaking.
  • Step 3Slide your petal off the end of the paintbrush.
  • Step 4Wind your next wire petal around the paintbrush close to the first petal and then twist into place.
  • Step 5Repeat these steps until you have 5 small petals.
  • Step 6Twist your two wire ends together to make the stem and shape your petals until you are happy with how it looks.
  • We bent the petals slightly down on the edges by curving each petal over a paintbrush.
  • Step 8Carefully paint each petal with the nail polish until they are completely covered.
  • For a less toxic smell you may like to substitute nail polish for a mixture of PVA glue and a small amount of coloured paint.
  • Step 10Once you have painted each petal, allow to dry.
  • You may need to very gently rotate the flower every so often during the drying process so that the nail polish does not slide off your petals.
  • Step 12Repeat the process until you have 3 flowers. Allow to dry.
  • Step 13To create the napkin ring, take 2 pieces of your florist wire and twist them together into a circle large enough to fit a folded napkin through.
  • Step 14Twist your 3 flowers around your napkin ring until you are happy with the arrangement.

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