Hoppy Easter! We have tons of craft ideas to get ready for the Easter Bunny this year. Find activities for crafty family fun over the Easter holidays.

  • To get started, download the template above.
  • Step 1Copy the template provided onto cover paper. Cut out your template.
  • Step 2Trace or glue the ears, nose, paws, flowers and flower stems onto felt and cut out. By gluing the template onto the felt it will help make the felt stronger and also makes hand sewing easier, especially for those new to hand sewing (if gluing the templates onto felt, remember that the shapes will be reversed when you turn it over to the felt side).
  • Step 3Stitch the inside of the ears to the correct ear and pin to the back of one side of the pre-cut hand puppet.
  • Step 4Stitch around the nose and paws and glue to the front side of the hand puppet.
  • Step 5Glue the flower stems straight onto the bottom of the hand puppet. Then stitch around the flowers and glue to the tops of the stems.
  • Step 6Stitch a mouth underneath the nose. For an easy guide draw the mouth first with a fabric pen and then stitch.
  • Step 7Pin together both sides of the hand puppet and stitch together. Remember, leave the bottom open to make a puppet!
  • Step 8Grab two wiggle eyes and glue to the puppet just above the nose.

Materials used in this activity

Felt Bundles - Squares - Pack of 100
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