Harmony Week

Our Harmony Week (previously known as Harmony Day) craft ideas help gain a better understanding of the many different people who call Australia home!

3D Wooden Person Traditional Costumes

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  • These Traditional Costume BLM’s were created and designed to be used with the 3D Wooden Person.
  • Step 1Print out your colouring sheet. We recommend you print it on cover paper. This will provide a great surface for decorating.
  • Remember these sheets have been designed for the costumes to fit perfectly on the 3D Wooden Person so will work best when printed at 100% with no scaling. You can of course enlarge or reduce the size on a photocopier as required for any other project.
  • Step 3Ask students to colour and decorate their sheet for a quick and easy craft activity. Colour in with pencils, pastels, paint or markers.
  • Step 4You may like to decorate your masterpiece with sequins, rhinestones or glitter. Attach with glue.
  • Step 5While the decorated costume is drying, take the 3D Wooden Person and paint on the skin, face, hands and any other details you wish to add. You may also wish to add detail using collage materials including wiggle eyes. Attach with glue and allow to dry.
  • Step 6Cut out the decorated costume so it’s now ready to attach to the 3D Wooden Person.
  • Step 7Attach with glue, allow to dry and assemble your wooden person.

Materials used in this activity

Collage Starter Kit
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3D Wooden People - Pack of 20
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CleverPatch Cover Paper - White - A4 - Pack of 250
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CleverPatch Triangular Maxi Permanent Markers - Black - Pack of 12
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