Harmony Week

Our Harmony Week (previously known as Harmony Day) craft ideas help gain a better understanding of the many different people who call Australia home!

Harmony Day

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Harmony Day 21st March is a celebration of cultural diversity in Australia. It encourages acceptance of all cultures and creates a sense of belonging and inclusiveness within our society. This activity displays the cultural diversity in each classroom and encourages research and learning. 

  • Step 1Print out the Harmony Day – Welcome Hot Air Balloon Template by clicking the ‘Download Templates’ button above. Send them to your printer.
  • Step 2Have each child research their heritage. Once this is done, each child then researches the flag associated with their heritage and should replicate the flag design onto the front of the balloon.
  • Step 3On the back of the balloon, if known, get each child to write welcome in the language correlating to the flag (alternatively you could use https://translate.google.com.au).
  • Step 4The children can then fill in their name and heritage on the balloon basket and include a photo of themselves on the back.
  • Step 5Using a hole punch, punch out holes where indicated on the template.
  • Step 6Attach the basket onto the balloon using thread.
  • Step 7Place a paper clip into the top hole of the balloon for easy hanging.

Materials used in this activity

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