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  • Step 1Use black acrylic paint to cover the base of your Echidna puzzle pieces. Allow to dry. 
  • Step 2Place a few teaspoons of ochre in a glass jar followed by a few teaspoons of PVA Glue and mix together. Add a small splash of water to the ochre and glue mixture. The ochre should be the consistency of slightly watered down paste. Once you have mixed your ochre together it is ready to use. Use a combination of colours and patterns to create your design, making sure your design flows onto the corresponding pieces. Allow to dry.
  • Step 3Glue branch stumps to your Echidna using tacky glue for further decoration. Allow to dry. The Echidna Puzzle can be decorated in a number of ways. Use the steps above as a decorative guide and mix up the techniques to create a unique combination of your own!