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Torres Strait Islander Headdress

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Celebrate Naidoc week by creating this stunning ceremonial headdress called a Dhari. The Dhari is the distinctive traditional dance and ceremonial headdress of the Torres Strait. The 'dancer's headdress' is the main symbol on the flag for the Torres Strait region and represents unity for the people.

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  • Step 1Sketch an arch onto a white cardboard square using the template provided.
  • Step 2Cut out the arch and then glue or tape a strip of cardboard across the arch.
  • Step 3Decorate the arch using coloured yarn with glue and tape.
  • Look to our design for inspiration, or research some other amazing Dhari designs.
  • Step 5Cut out another arch using the template. This will be the back of the headdress.
  • Step 6Using scissors, cut out a design from each of the feathers.
  • Step 7Working with the second arch, glue the feathers evenly around the outside. Set aside to dry completely.
  • Make sure the arch and feathers are sitting somewhere flat while they dry.
  • Step 9Glue the first arch on top of the second arch.
  • It might be helpful to place something heavy onto the headdress while it dries, such as a box or book, to push the 2 arches together.
  • Step 11Once dry, attach a piece of elastic to the back of the headdress using tape.Enjoy your beautiful headdress!