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Colourful Magiclay Animals

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Create your own adorable friends out of Magiclay! These guys are great company!

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  • Step 1Sketch out your animal onto a piece of paper. This is not essential, but helps with planning your design. Look to our animals for inspiration or come up with your own.
  • Step 2Begin by breaking off some pieces of coloured clay to mix the colours you require.
  • Step 3Simply knead the two colours of your choice together until they form a smooth singular colour.
  • Once the colours have blended together completely, there should be no more coloured ripples in the clay.
  • Step 5To make your animal’s body roll the clay into a ball. Roll a smaller ball to create your animal’s head.
  • Step 6Break off smaller pieces of clay to mould features such as ears, eyes, a mouth and a nose.
  • Step 7To join the clay, softly push your pieces together. Allow to dry.
  • Step 8You might like to add further detail by pressing a modelling tool into the clay.
  • Step 9Leave your clay creations to dry for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • Rotate the clay as it dries to make sure it gets air on every part of the surface and dries completely.

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