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How to Tie Your Diabolo

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Hey there hoopla the circus is in town! Now you have your very own Diabolo - we thought we’d provide some handy tips on how to get started!

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  • Step 1Lay out your pieces in front of you. You should have 2 x sticks, a length of cord and a diabolo.
  • Step 2You’ll notice there are grooves in one end of each of the sticks. This is where you will tie the cord on so it stays in place.
  • The length of the cord will depend on your height and what you want to do with the diabolo. Some tricks are easier to do and look better with a longer cord while a shorter cord gives you more control and speed. For this reason we suggest that rather than tying and cutting the cord at one length, you wind the cord around the sticks to your preferred length and then tie them. This way you can shorten or lengthen the cord later as you please.
  • Step 4Your ideal string length can be measured by placing one stick flat on the ground and holding the other up in front of you. The stick you are holding should be anywhere between your waist and your chin.
  • Step 5When you’re happy with the length, tie the cord tightly in place. You are now ready to start practicing your circus tricks!
  • There are so many videos online that will help you learn all sorts of tricks using your diabolo - get researching and you’ll be juggling and spinning before you know it!

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