St. Patricks Day

You’ve found the pot of gold with our St Patricks Day craft ideas!

Racing Leprechauns

On your marks. Get set. GO! It’s a race to the pot of gold this St Patrick’s Day as the leprechauns fight to get there first! Use your modelling skills to make your racing leprechaun, whack a number on his back then wind him up and watch him go - hopefully the luck of the Irish is on your side!
  • Step 1hink about what you want your leprechaun to look like. Begin to colour some of the Paper Magiclay using the coloured markers. Use your fingers to work the ink into the clay, adding more ink if you want a stronger colour.
  • Step 2Mould some clay around your mechanism to create the leprechaun's body. We have given him a green jacket and a black and belt. We’ve also created his hat which we will add on later.
  • Before you start moulding on the mechanism, work out which way will be forward so he doesn’t end up going backwards!
  • Step 3Give your leprechaun a head complete with beard, eyes and mouth. Pop his hat on top while the clay is still malleable so it sticks in place.
  • Step 4Add on some arms - we’ve given him some running arms but you could also have them stretched out in front reaching for the gold!
  • Step 5Turn your leprechaun around and give him a number. This will help you to recognise your leprechaun when they’re racing!
  • Step 6Now your leprechaun is ready, it’s time to make the pot of gold! Create some black Magiclay and mould it around a ball of plain white clay into the shape of a pot.
  • Step 7Add gold glitter to some clay and work it through. Continue adding glitter until you have a nice gold clay. Use this to create the gold coins.
  • Step 8Pinch off small amounts of the gold clay and roll into a ball. Press it flat and then place it into the pot. Continue this until your pot is full of gold.
  • Step 9Allow your leprechauns and pot of gold to dry completely and then it’s time to get racing!

Materials used in this activity

Paper Magiclay - White - 240g Pack
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CleverPatch Triangular Maxi Coloured Markers - Pack of 10
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Wind-Up Walking Mechanisms - Pack of 10
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