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Mini Notebook Keyring

This adorable paper craft makes a perfect gift for someone you love. It is a great inclusive craft activity for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day!
  • Step 1First we need to make the inside pages of the notebook. Take an A4 sheet of white cover paper and bring the long edges together, folding the paper in half. Open then fold the long edges to the centre crease you just created. Open the edges back out and you will now see three creases. Cut along these creases so there are four equal strips of paper. Adult supervision is recommended when using scissors.
  • Step 2Take one strip and bring the short edges together, folding in half. Fold in half a second and a third time before unfolding the strip. Repeat this folding process with the remaining three strips.
  • Step 3Take one strip and add glue to the last segment. Press the first segment of another strip in place over the top to create a single strip. Add the third and fourth strip in the same way to create one long, skinny, segmented strip. Allow to dry. Start at one end and accordion fold the entire strip.
  • Step 4Unfold the long strip and begin adding glue along its length, leaving the first segment dry. As you add glue, re-fold the strip in the accordion style so that it begins to hold together and create pages that are two sheets thick. Continue gluing and according folding all the way to the end, leaving the final segment dry. These will be the pages of your notebook!
  • Step 5Now to make the notebook cover! Choose a coloured sheet of cover paper and fold in half along the short and then long edge to divide the paper into quarters. Carefully cut out one of these quarters.
  • Step 6Bring the long edges together as if you were going to fold it in half but instead simply pinch down on one edge. Release the paper flat again then fold the long edges into the centre using the pinch mark as a guide.
  • Step 7Take the pages for your notebook and make sure they are folded flat. Place the ‘spine’ of the pages along the short edge of the coloured paper, aligning it so it is sitting at the very end of the paper. Bring the other short end up to the notebook pages and fold. Open the cover back out and move the notebook pages down to the opposite end, aligning with the end as before. Bring the opposite short end up to the notebook pages and fold. You have now created the spine of the cover and will be able to tuck the pages inside the cover as shown.
  • Step 8Open the back page of the notebook and fold the cover over the page. Repeat with the front page. Slide the front and back pages into the slots of the cover edges as shown. This will hold the cover in place on the notebook!
  • Step 9Use a permanent pen to decorate your notebook. We have made a cute little heart character for the front and filled the pages with all the reasons we love you!
  • Step 10Open up the notebook and punch a hole in the book cover on the spine. Add a snap hook to the punched hole to finish your mini notebook keyring. It’s now ready to gift to someone you love!
  • If you are worried about the snap hook tearing through the paper, you may wish to add tape around the hole or add book covering to the cover.

Materials used in this activity

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