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About Us

About CleverPatch

CleverPatch™ is passionate about helping teachers, educators, parents and most importantly children!

We know and love art and craft. We only offer products we’re proud of and if they don’t exist we design them ourselves. We also work with a number of Indigenous artists to create resources that aim to inspire and raise awareness of Indigenous culture. You can view more information on several of our Indigenous artists on their profile pages: Michelle Napanangka Earl, Kerri-Ann Taggart, and Belle Leonard.

We want to make your art and craft experience EASY! Easy to buy and easy to make. Above all, we are easy to talk to and easy to understand! We love sharing our craft knowledge. We care about the experience being great. We have a serious commitment to on-hand inventory and ship orders quickly and efficiently (we know how everyone dislikes backorders)!

We’re not about pipe cleaners and beads. We're about the growth that comes from exploration and freedom of creative expression.

Our dedicated crafty team love what we do and we are always here to help. We are happy when our customers are happy. The team at The Patch is just that. A team. We’re determined to be the spark that ignites the kid in all of us. Because CleverPatch is where ideas grow.

We truly value the relationships we have with our customers and look forward to assisting with your art and craft activities!

The Environment 

CleverPatch and its employees are committed to ensuring that the company’s operations comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and follow practices that are consistent with the principles of environmental stewardship. CleverPatch will continuously improve its environmental performance through economically sound and technologically practicable processes that produce meaningful and responsible environmental outcomes.

As a company that relies on other manufacturers to produce our products we are continually and consistently working with our supply chain to ensure our manufacturers and suppliers share and uphold our commitment to being environmentally responsible.

Workplace Health & Safety

CleverPatch is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, contractors and visitors to our workplace. We comply with the Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations.

We are continually reviewing and developing WHS policies and procedures for our employees and those visiting our workplace. We value and encourage input from our employees and contractors in all areas of WHS through our consultation process. We identify hazards, assess risks, eliminate or control risks and review the effectiveness of our WHS policies and procedures on a continual basis.

Our employees and contractors willingly participate in our WHS processes and contribute to our policies to ensure their own health and safety and that of visitors to our workplace.


Our ABN number is 48 130 866 885.