How to Make Gooey Goop!

Georgia's photo by Georgia on the 23rd of February 2015

This magical goop turns to solid when you squeeze it, but can flow through your fingers like liquid… How is that possible? Let’s find out!

Whilst being loads of fun this wacky gooey goop experiment also promotes scientific thinking! Playing with the goop on the light panel really adds another exciting element as it looks like it's glowing in the dark... But how can it be liquid and solid at the same time!?

What you’ll need:

How we did it:

1. Place your light panel onto the work surface. We found it useful to place a splash mat under your light panel to catch any excess goop!

2. Place your tray on top of your light panel and plug the light panel into the power point. Making sure the cord is not a trip hazard.

3. Measure out 4 cups of cornflour and pour them into a large bowl.

4. Measure 1 and ½ cups of water and add 1 teaspoon of watercolour paint or food colouring to it. We used glitter watercolour paint for extra sparkly fun! We added the colour to the water before mixing as we found it blends more easily, however you may like to add it last to enjoy the swirling and blending process.

5. Pour your coloured water into the bowl with your cornflour and start mixing with your spoon or you can use your hands if you’re feeling brave! Make sure you scrape all the cornflour from the bottom of the bowl and mix it in. You may need to add more water or cornflour depending on the consistency you desire. Experiment!

6. Carefully pour your goop into your exploration tray. Now let’s get messy and bust this myth!

7. It's time to turn on your light panel and your goop will start to glow! Doesn't it look amazing on the light panel? Pick up a handful and try and quickly squeeze it into a ball. Does it work? Is it solid? What happens when you just let the ball sit in one of your hands? Does it all run through? But why!

See it in action!

How is it liquid and solid?

Drum roll please... This amazing goop is a stir-thickening fluid which is a fancy name for a liquid that thickens the more you stir it or the more pressure applied.

When you squeezed your goop into a ball, the cornflour locks together and the goop feels like a solid. But when you let the goop slowly run through your fingers the cornflour particles have time to roll over each other and it acts like a liquid. Pretty great huh?

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