Create your own Bead Maze

by Chloe H on the 14th of May 2018

Help develop your child’s fine motor skills by creating this colourful bead maze in four easy steps!

You'll Need:

Wood Blocks

Armature Wire

Bright Round Wooden Beads

Wooden Beads – Coloured



Step One – Begin the maze

Start by wrapping wire around one wooden block three times, making sure it is even and able to stand. The length of wire you cut will depend on how many twist and turns you would like to create in your maze. As a guide we used 80cm for the first path. 


Step Two – Repeat the previous step

Depending on how many paths you would like to create, continue to add wire to your block by following the directions in step one.


Step Three – Add beads

Once the wire attached to the block, begin threading beads onto each wire path.


Step Four – Finishing your Bead Maze

Bend and shape the wire to create your own maze, then attach the rest of the wire to the second block in the same way you did in step one.

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