Dinosaur Rocks

by Chloe H on the 16th of April 2018

Create your own chemical reaction when you go searching for dinosaur skeletons within the rocks!

You'll Need:


Step One – Mixing the dye

Start by mixing your powered food dye with a small amount of water until you get a smooth consistency. Remember you will only need a very small amount of dye. 

Step Two – Adding Colour

Carefully sprinkle drops of dye into a mixing bowl with your bi carb soda

Step Three – Adding Water

Add water to your mixing bowl gradually. Add more water if the consistency is too dry but make sure your mixture isn't too runny. You should aim for a consistency similar to damp sand. 

Step Four – Mixing

Mix together the bi carb soda, dye and water until it can be moulded. Make sure to use gloves as the food dye will stain. 

Step Five – Add the Dinosaur skeleton

Place part of the mixture into your hand and add the dinosaur. Then add more mixture to the top covering the entire dinosaur. Smooth out the mixture into your desired shape.

Step Six – Allow to dry

Leave your dinosaur rocks to dry overnight. This will allow the mixture to dry and go hard like a rock. 

Step Seven – The reaction

Spray the dinosaur rocks with white vinegar and watch the chemical reaction as the vinegar melts away the bi carb soda. 

Step Eight – Finding the skeletons

Use plastic tools to help dig through and find the skeletons.

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