Rudolf The Red Nosed 3D Reindeer

by Renee on the 27th of November 2017

Decorate your own Rudolf, or Prancer, or Dasher, or Dancer… Your tree will look super cute with a bunch of 3D Reindeers flying around it! Get started by downloading the template here.

Get started on your 3D Reindeer by downloading the PDF template here.

What You'll Need:

Step One – Prepare your template

 Print your reindeer template onto your white cardboard and start to cut them out.

Step Two – Decorate your template

Paint each section of your reindeer and decorate with glitter as you wish. We used gold for our reindeer body with a red 'Rudolf' style nose and silver glitter highlights. You can use whatever colours you like!

Step Three – Create a hanger

Once dry you can create a hanger to hang it on the tree. Choose one of the middle pieces and thread some gold yarn through the top using a needle. Tie the ends together to create a loop.

Step Four – Assemble the reindeer

It's time to construct your reindeer! Using the slits you have cut from your template, simply slide the pieces together. The names of each body part are written on your template.

Step Five – Finish and hang

Glue some wiggle eyes onto your reindeer and its ready to hang on the tree!

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