Yarn Love Catcher

by EmmaS on the 12th of February 2018

Catch all the love this Valentine’s Day with these beautiful yarn wrapped Love Catchers! Make one for yourself or gift it to that someone special.

You'll Need:

Step One – Making the handle

Cut a piece of wool approximately 30cm. Tie one end through a hole in the weaving circle, skip a hole and tie the other end in the next hole along as shown.

Step Two – Weaving the middle

Use pink and red yarn to weave across the middle of the circle. You could weave a pattern or simply do a random criss cross as we have.

Step Three – Wrapping the circle

Use a variety of different coloured yarns to wrap around the entire outside of the weaving circle. SImply tie the end of the yarn in the holes provided to secure. You can vary your wrapping from blocks of tightly wound colours to more spread out wrapping, letting the white of the cardboard underneath through.

Step Four – Creating the woven hearts

Create 3 woven hearts out of cover paper by following the instructions here. Make them 3 different sizes and punch a hole at the top in the middle when complete.

Step Five – Stringing the love hearts

Cut a length of yarn and tie one end to a woven heart. Thread the other end onto a needle and use it to string on a mix of beads and pom poms. Tie knots wherever you need beads to stay. String the other 2 hearts using the same method but mixing up colours and patterns of beads and pom poms.

Step Six – Completing your love catcher

Finish off by tying each of the 3 hearts to the 3 bottom holes of the weaving circle. Gift your love catcher to someone special or hang it in your room!

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