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Cleo Stories: A Friend and a Pet Pet Carrier

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This activity is based on the book 'The Cleo Stories: A friend and a Pet', written by Libby Gleeson and illustrated by Freya Blackwood. Now you can take your trusty soft animal toy with you wherever you go! Show you care by carrying your toy pet around in style. You could even set up your own toy pet shop!

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  • Step 1Carefully pull out the plastic cover from the inside of the box and discard. Put your box together using glue or tape and and cut off one end of your box. This will become the cage door.
  • Step 2To create the cage front of your carrier, cut strips of white card and attach them to the inside of your box with tape.
  • We used the discarded card from the side of the box.
  • Step 4To create your carriers handle, cut out 2 identical handle shapes from strong card.
  • Step 5Glue the 2 handles together, leaving 1cm at the bottom of each side. Fold out the areas without glue to create tabs. These tabs will be used to attach the handle to the carrier.
  • Step 6Attach the handle to the top of the carrier using glue and tape. Allow to dry.
  • Step 7Paint your carrier in bright colours. Allow to dry.
  • Step 8To create your door, tape a square piece of cardboard at the top of the carrier. You may like to attach a small cork or button to the door as a handle.
  • Step 9Decorate your carrier with stickers and a sign.

Materials used in this activity

Cardboard Diorama Boxes - White
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