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'Noni the Pony' Shadow Puppets

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Re-enact ‘Noni the Pony Goes to the Beach’ with these wonderful shadow puppets! Put your own spin on the story as you send Noni, Dave the Dog, Coco the Cat and the cows to the beach on an amazing adventure! 

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  • Step 1Carefully pull the plastic sheet from the front of your diorama. Assemble your cardboard diorama. Secure with glue or tape.
  • Step 2Cut out a rectangle from the back of the diorama so that both sides are open.
  • Step 3Cut a sheet of white tissue paper to size and place over the back of your diorama. Attach with glue or tape. Allow to dry.
  • Step 4Choose your cardboard animals and paint them black. Allow to dry.
  • We used a small roller to paint our animals for a simpler application.
  • Step 6Attach a wooden skewer to the back of each animal. Secure with tape.
  • Step 7You may like to cut a palm tree or other beach items from black card and add to the inside of your theatre. Attach with tape.
  • Step 8Place a light source behind your theatre and let the show begin!

Materials used in this activity

Wooden Skewers
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Tissue Paper - White
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Cardboard Diorama Boxes - White
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Wooden Farm Animal Shapes
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