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Animal Masks

Perform a play for your friends and family with these awesome masks. These masks can be decorated in a number of ways. Use the steps below as a decorative guide and mix up the techniques to create a unique combination of your own!
This activity is perfect to use in conjunction with the book 'Scary Night' written by Lesley Gibbes, illustrated by Stephen Michael King and published by HarperCollins Publishers Australia.

  • Step 1Paint a thin layer of glue over the entire surface of your mask and place your felt sheet over it, pushing the felt onto the surface and into all the curves of the mask.
  • Step 2Turn your mask over and cut around your felt leaving a 2-3cm edge. Cut small triangles into this edge.
  • Step 3Fold over the loose edges and glue to secure. Allow to dry.
  • Step 4Turn your mask over.
  • Step 5Cut out a variety of felt pieces to create your preferred animal. To make our pig we cut out ears and a snout from pink, cream and black felt.
  • Step 6Attach your felt pieces with glue. Allow to dry.
  • Step 7We also created a rabbit, crocodile and cat! See what other great characters you can come up with!

Materials used in this activity

Papier Mache Half Masks - Pack of 24
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3 to 5 $30.79 (inc GST) $27.99 (ex GST) 6 or more $26.94 (inc GST) $24.49 (ex GST)
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Felt Squares - Pack of 100
Product Code: 10785
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4 to 7 $47.29 (inc GST) $42.99 (ex GST) 8 or more $41.24 (inc GST) $37.49 (ex GST)
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CleverPatch Tacky Glue - 250ml
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