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Duck Feet Dress Ups

This is a very simple costume idea for that last minute rush to create a book week outfit- as long as it’s a duck costume you’re after!

This activity is perfect to use in conjunction with the book 'The Duck and the Darklings' written by Glenda Millard, illustrated by Stephen Michael King and published by Allen & Unwin.

  • Step 1Create a simple duck foot template from paper, based on how big you would like your duck feet to be. Look to our design for inspiration or come up with your own.
  • Step 2Using your template, cut out 2 duck feet from felt.
  • Step 3Poke 2 holes at the heel end of your felt foot shapes and thread a piece of elastic through the holes on your duck feet. Secure with a double knot.
  • Step 4Repeat this step with the other felt duck foot.
  • Place your duck feet on your own feet to see how much elastic will be needed for a snug fit. The elastic should fit comfortably around your ankle.
  • You may need to reinforce the holes where the elastic is tied so they last longer.

Materials used in this activity

Felt Squares - Pack of 100
Product Code: 10785
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4 to 7 $47.29 (inc GST) $42.99 (ex GST) 8 or more $41.24 (inc GST) $37.49 (ex GST)
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White Elastic - 30 Metres
Product Code: 15119
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10 or more $7.36 (inc GST) $6.69 (ex GST)          
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