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'The Stone Lion' Clay Lion Statue

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Use your imagination and bring a lump of clay to life! Create a ferocious lion or even something totally different! The possibilities are endless!

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  • Step 1Think about what you would like your clay sculpture to look like. Look to our design for inspiration or come up with your own.
  • Step 2Start moulding clay in your hands to soften it.
  • Step 3Push, prod and mould the clay until you are happy with your design. You may like to use clay tools to accentuate your creation.
  • Step 4Set aside and allow to dry for 24-48 hours.
  • We attached 3 wooden blocks together with glue to create a base for our design.

Materials used in this activity

Balsa Wood Assortment - Pack of 150
Product Code: 10020
EACH $21.99 (inc GST) $19.99 (ex GST)
6 or more $17.59 (inc GST) $15.99 (ex GST)          
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Mont Marte Modelling Clay - Terracotta - 500g Pack
Product Code: 16436
EACH $10.99 (inc GST) $9.99 (ex GST)
12 or more $7.69 (inc GST) $6.99 (ex GST)          
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