Chinese New Year

Celebrate Chinese New Year (also known as Lunar New Year) with these fun craft ideas!

Chinese New Year Fire Crackers

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According to tradition, Chinese fire crackers are lit on Chinese New Years in front of houses and stores to scare away the evil spirits! Use these simple materials to create your very own fire cracker decorations and get festive for the New Year!
  • Step 1Fold a sheet of cover paper in half lengthways and then into thirds. Unfold and cut along the folds to create 6 square shapes.
  • Step 2Decorate each of the red squares using cut pieces of the doilies. If you would like a gold finish on your doilies, you may like to paint them with metallic paint! You can decorate in any way you like or look to our design for inspiration. Use a glue stick to attach the pieces of doily to the cover paper and then allow to dry.
  • Step 3Roll your first decorated square into a cylinder and fasten with a staple at each end as well as one in the middle. Continue to roll and fasten your squares until all 6 are complete.
  • Step 4Punch a hole in either side of the top of your fire crackers using the hole punch.
  • Step 5Cut a length of metallic yarn and thread from one side of the first cracker, through the middle and out the other side of the holes you have created. Repeat this with a second cracker making sure the yarn is the same length as the first. Bring all the ends of yarn together at the top and tie a knot so the two fire crackers are now joined.
  • Step 6As you did in the step above, thread your third and fourth crackers, this time making sure the yarn is longer than the first lot so they will hang below. Once threaded, bring the ends together and tie at the top with the first two crackers. Repeat yet again with the fifth and sixth crackers making them longer once again and attaching at the very top so they all hang together.
  • Step 7Tidy up the top of your string of crackers by tying a loop. Your fire crackers are now ready to hang at your front door!

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