Chinese New Year

Celebrate Chinese New Year (also known as Lunar New Year) with these fun craft ideas!

Chinese New Year Red Envelope

Happy New Year! Red envelopes are gifts presented at Chinese New Year with the red colour of the envelope symbolising good luck. Money is commonly put inside the red envelopes however they may also contain best wishes from one person to another for the coming year.

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  • Step 1Begin by printing out the red envelope template, cutting it out and gluing it to the red cover paper.
  • Be sure to save the other half of your cover paper for later.
  • Step 3Cut out the template that is now glued to the card. One side will be red while you will still be able to see the template on the other side.
  • Step 4With the white template side facing up, fold the bottom flap up and the right hand side flap over, securing with glue.
  • Step 5Fold the left hand flap over and secure to the other folded flaps using glue. Once dried you can fold the top flap over.
  • Step 6Take your gold doily, cut the decorative edge away from the plain gold paper middle and then cut two small circles from the centre gold paper. Be sure to keep all of the cut doily for decorations later.
  • Step 7Arrange the gold circles onto the envelope with one on the top flap and one on the envelope below. Use a pin to make an initial hole and then push the paper fasteners through to secure.
  • Step 8Use the remaining pieces of gold doily and decorate your envelope as you wish. Attach with glue.
  • Step 9Use the gold glitter glue to add a touch of sparkle to your design. Allow to dry.
  • Step 10Taking the remaining red cover paper, measure your envelope and cut a piece of cover paper to fit inside it. This will be for your message of good fortune.
  • Step 11Decorate your cover paper and write your message.
  • Step 12Put your message inside the envelope.
  • Step 13Take your metallic yarn and wind 3-4 times around the gold circle and paper fastener on the top flap of the envelope.
  • Step 14Use the remaining yarn and loop it around the bottom gold circle and paper fastener then back up and around the top one, repeating until there is no more yarn to wind.
  • Step 15Your red envelope is now complete and you can pass on your well wishes for the new year!

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