Chinese New Year

Celebrate Chinese New Year (also known as Lunar New Year) with these fun craft ideas!

Origami Pig

2019 is Chinese New Year - Year of the Pig! Practice your folding skills and create these adorable origami pigs in celebration!
  • Step 1Use scissors and a ruler to create a 15cm square piece of red paper.
  • Step 2Fold the square in half from right to left and crease.
  • Step 3Unfold the paper back to a square with the fold line running vertically as shown. Take the top right corner, bringing it across to the left and slightly downwards until you can make a crease that runs from the top centre line all the way down to the bottom right corner. Fold the point that now lays over the centre fold line back to the right and crease firmly down the centre fold.
  • Step 4Fold the top left corner down onto the point that now sticks out to the right. Create a crease that runs from the top centre all the way down to the bottom left corner.
  • Step 5Fold the top point back to the left, creasing firmly down the centre fold. You can now see a diamond shape sitting on top of a triangle shape.
  • Step 6Fold the bottom of the paper upwards, creasing it firmly at the base of the top diamond shape. The paper will now look like a boat.
  • Step 7Starting with the left hand point, fold it back towards the right and crease firmly from the bottom left corner to the top at the point where it hits the diamond. This should reveal the left hand point of the diamond shape underneath.
  • Step 8Use the same process as in step 7 to fold in the right hand point, revealing the right hand point of the diamond.
  • Step 9Fold the long bottom edge upwards so it sits just below where the 2 points are touching and crease firmly. As you unfold this crease, bring the top layer (a trapeze shape) with it and fold it back down so it sits below the diamond.
  • Step 10Fold the bottom left point of the trapeze up and inwards to create a firm crease running from the top left point of the trapeze. Repeat on the right hand side.
  • Step 11Fold the left side over to the right side creasing firmly down the centre line. Rotate clockwise 90 degrees so you can now begin to see the profile of a pig shape with the head on the left and the front and back legs at the bottom.
  • Step 12Fold the right hand point (the back of the pig) across to the left, making a vertical crease firmly at the back leg.
  • Step 13Pick up the pig and as you fold the back point back out, work your finger between the layers to open it out into a leaf shape. Take the top point and fold it down to the bottom point. Push the shape flat and crease to create a diamond shape.
  • Step 14Take the bottom point and fold upwards. Make sure to only fold the top layer and then crease firmly to form a horizontal line across the centre of the diamond.
  • Step 15Fold the left hand corner of the diamond inwards and upwards and crease so the straight edge lays vertical along the centre line of the diamond. Repeat on the right hand side to form a skinnier diamond. Fold the left point over to the right and crease firmly.
  • Step 16Move to the front of the pig and wiggle your thumb under the flap of paper that sits just in front of the front legs. Push it outwards to open up what will be the pigs ear and then repeat on the other side. Your adorable pig is now ready!

Materials used in this activity

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