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Christmas Bead CleverKit

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  • Step 1To create a bracelet or anklet begin by deciding on a pattern you would like for your bracelet. Lay out your beads in front of you to work out your design.
  • Step 2Cut a piece of elastic long enough to fit around your wrist or ankle.
  • Step 3Tie a knot in the end of the elastic and start threading beads on. (This can be tricky as beads can come off at one end - we suggest clamping a peg to the end of your elastic so your beads do not fall off as you are threading).
  • Step 4Once complete tie your elastic in a knot securely.
  • Step 5Alternatively, you could make a bag tag or Christmas tree ornament. Start by cutting a length of elastic and thread on a reindeer bead.
  • Step 6Bring both ends of elastic together and thread six beads onto both ends of the elastic.
  • Step 7Tie the ends of the elastic together.
  • Step 8To finish, loop the tied ends of the elastic over and back through the middle of the last bead you threaded on and pull tightly to secure.

Materials used in this activity

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