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Santa-Paws Pop Up Christmas Card

Create a Paws-itively perfect Christmas card this festive season with our FREE download. Your friends and family will go barking mad over this adorable pop up card that is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.
  • Step 1Print and decorate the templates provided. We recommend printing onto cover paper as this will provide a sturdier surface for constructing your card. Decorate the templates with markers and carefully cut the pieces out. Adult supervision is recommended when using scissors.
  • Step 2Flip the ‘Here Comes…’ template over and apply glue to the back. Glue the ‘Santa-Paws’ template on top, making sure the words on both sides are facing the correct way up when you flip on the short edge. Allow to dry.
  • Step 3Fold the glued templates in half to make your card, making sure the ‘Here comes…’ is on the outside.
  • Step 4Mountain fold the dog template in half. Valley fold a small strip of the ear before flipping the dog over and valley folding the other ear to match. Loosely unfold the dog.
  • Step 5Add some glue to the back of the small strip folds on each of the ears. Open the card so you can see the inside and align the mountain fold of the dog with the middle fold of the card. Position the dog in the middle of the card with the nose popping outwards, then press the glued tabs down onto the card.
  • Step 6Open and close the card a couple of times to make sure the dog pops up from the card and reposition if needed. Leave the card open and allow to dry. Use a marker to write a message for a friend or family member inside the card.
  • Step 7Your Santa-Paws Pop Up Christmas Card is now ready to gift!

Materials used in this activity

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