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CleverPatch Crafternoons - Commemoration Paper Poppy Wreath

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Create a beautiful poppy wreath this ANZAC Day or Remembrance Day.
  • Step 1Take an A4 piece of green cardboard and cut in half lengthways. Adult supervision is recommended when using scissors.
  • Step 2Take the 2 strips of cardboard, overlap the short ends and staple in place to create one long strip.
  • Step 3Use a ruler and pencil to rule 2 lines lengthways down the strip, 3cm in from the left and right edges. Use scissors to make small cuts down both edges of the cardboard, spacing them approximately 2cm apart and cutting down only to the ruled line.
  • Step 4Bring the ends of the cardboard around to create a ring. Overlap the ends slightly and use a stapler to hold in place.
  • Step 5Fold the cut edges outwards at 90 degrees so they sit flat. This is your wreath!
  • Step 6To make your origami poppies, start by cutting a piece of red cover paper into 6 squares each measuring 9 x 9cm.
  • Step 7Take your first square and fold in half diagonally, corner to corner, then unfold. Fold the opposite corner to corner and then unfold again.
  • Step 8Flip the square over and fold in half again, this time edge to edge. Unfold and repeat on the opposite edges.
  • Step 9Positioning the paper in front of you so the edge to edge folds are running horizontal and vertical. Use your fingers to pinch along the horizontal fold, pushing the diagonal folds inwards and creating 4 distinct flaps in a cross shape. Flatten the flaps so you are holding 2 in each hand and have created a square. Place it on the table with the open point at the top.
  • Step 10Fold the top right and left points into the centre line and crease as shown. Flip the square over and repeat on the opposite side. You should now have a kite shape.
  • Step 11Place an index finger halfway between the bottom point and the middle line, then use your other index finger to pull down the top flap. As you’re bringing this flap down, the other flaps will begin to fan outwards. Use your finger to flatten the flaps outwards, creating the petals.
  • Step 12Fold the tip of each of the 4 points backwards to give the petals more of a poppy shape.
  • Step 13Use a permanent marker to colour the centre of the flower to complete your poppy. Repeat steps 7-13 until you have 6 poppies.
  • Step 14Attach your poppies to the wreath by sliding the flap of paper at the back of the poppy behind one of the green flaps of the wreath and stapling in place.
  • Step 15Print out the template provided onto white cover paper and cut out the 2 pieces. Use sticky tape to attach the ‘Lest We Forget’ banner across the bottom third of the wreath. Take the plain strip and tape in place at the top of the wreath, creating a loop for hanging.
  • If you don’t have a printer, you can create your own banner and hanger from cardboard or paper.
  • Step 16Your Commemoration Paper Poppy Wreath is now ready to display!

Materials used in this activity

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