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CleverPatch™ Crafternoons – Macrame Bag Tags

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Practice your basic macramé knots these school holidays to create these wonderful bag tags! Make your own or share with your friends and family.
  • If you’re new to macramé you may wish to watch our video on Basic Macrame Knots before getting started.
  • Step 1Cut 2 x 1m lengths of macramé cord and attach both to a metal keyring using cow hitch knots. Adult supervision is recommended when using scissors.
  • Step 2We are going to create a spiral by tying half square knots. Take the left cord, bring it over the top of the centre cords and place it under the final cord on the right. Fold the right cord under the centre cords then up and out through the loop created by the left cord.
  • Step 3Pull the left and right cords tight so it fastens nice and snug under the cow hitch knots.
  • Step 4Continue to tie half square knots down the centre cords, making sure to always start with the left cord. You will notice the outer cords getting shorter as you go. Stop when they are around 7cm long and trim the middle cords, so that they are all now the same length. Place the trimmed pieces of cord to the side.
  • Step 5Use one of the cord offcuts to tie a wrap knot around all 4 cords, bundling them together and securing them in place. Unravel the loose ends of the macramé cord to create a nice fringe.
  • Step 6Your Macramé Bag Tag is now ready to attach to your bag, keys or to give as a gift to someone special!
  • Step 7You can continue to create more Macramé Bag Tags using the basic knots you have learnt. You could even thread wooden beads into your designs! If you paint them first and allow to dry, they will add a pop of colour to your bag tag.

Materials used in this activity

Wooden Beads - Natural - 340g Pack
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Macrame Cord - 4mm x 90m
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Metal Keyring with Snap Hook - Pack of 10
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CleverPatch Acrylic Paint Tubes - 75ml - Set of 14 Colours
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