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CleverPatch Crafternoons - Ojo De Dios – God’s Eye

Use brightly coloured yarn and popsticks to create your own Ojo De Dios (Oh-Ho-Day-Dee-Ohs). This is a great holiday craft that encourages learning while also creating a beautiful project! Do some research before you begin to learn about this Native American craft created by the Huichol (wet-chol) people who lived in the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico.

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  • Step 1Take two popsticks and create a cross as shown, securing them in the centre with some Blu-tack. You could also glue it in place, or you may choose to not secure it and simply start working on the next step. Fixing it in place will make the craft easier, particularly for younger children. Allow to dry if needed.
  • Step 2Choose your first colour of soft yarn and begin wrapping it diagonally around the centre of the cross. After 7-8 wraps, cross the yarn over and wrap from the opposite diagonal as shown.
  • Step 3Holding the cross so the popsticks are straight up and down in front of you, wrap the yarn over the top of the left cross bar. Pull the yarn down and under the bottom cross bar then wrap it back up and over the top of the same bottom cross bar. Take the yarn under the next, right hand cross bar before wrapping it back up and over the top of the same cross bar.
  • Step 4Moving in this anti-clockwise direction, continue with this weaving pattern. Take the yarn under the top cross bar, pulling it back up and over and around. You will now be back at the start.
  • Step 5Continue to weave around the cross bars repeating this same pattern. If you flip the design over (to the front of the design) you can see the Ojo De Dios beginning to take shape.
  • If you flip the design over to check how it’s looking, always remember to flip it back before doing anymore weaving.
  • Step 6You can start a new colour at any time. Simply cut the yarn you are using and then tie the end of the new colour onto the end of the previous colour as shown. Try to tie it in a way that the join will remain at the back of the design and then trim any excess yarn. Adult supervision is recommended when using scissors. Now begin the same weaving pattern you were using to attach the new colour to the cross bars.
  • Step 7Continue adding coloured yarn to the design until you can only see the small ends of the popsticks poking out.
  • Step 8Tie the yarn tight onto a popstick to secure. Create a hanger for the Ojo De Dios by creating a loop with the remaining yarn at the top and trimming any excess.
  • Step 9Your Ojo De Dios is now ready for hanging!

Materials used in this activity

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