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CleverPatch Crafternoons - Easter Basket

What’s the best thing about Easter morning? The Easter egg hunt! And what do we need for an Easter egg hunt? EASTER BASKETS! Follow our simple step by step to create your very own paper Easter basket.
  • Step 1Take 2 pieces of paper and lay them horizontally on top of one another. Create a square by folding the top left corner down to the bottom and folding to create a right-angled triangle. Cut the excess paper away (the rectangle section) and put aside for later use. Adult supervision is recommended when using scissors.
  • We are using 2 colours so our basket will have different colours inside and out. Cardboard can also be used instead of cover paper for a sturdier basket if required.
  • Step 2Use a ruler and pencil to mark 7cm intervals along each of the edges. Rule across the square to join each mark horizontally, dividing the square into 9 smaller squares. Use these lines to fold the square into thirds, opening the folds back out when complete and making sure to fold in both directions.
  • Step 3Carefully cut down 2 sets of lines on opposite sides of the square, being sure to stop when you get to the middle square. The middle square will become the base of the basket.
  • Step 4Bring the left and right sides up, keeping the middle squares inside and sitting up perpendicular to the base. Staple in place to create the basic basket shape.
  • If you don’t have a stapler simply tape or glue in place. Allow to dry if needed.
  • Step 5Take the excess paper from step 1 and fold in half lengthways. Unfold and cut down this line to create 2 long strips of paper. Overlap the ends of the paper and staple together. This will be your handle.
  • Step 6Position the handle in the basket and staple in place.
  • If you plan on collecting a lot of eggs or you know the eggs are going to be heavy, you may wish to use a few staples for extra support when attaching your handle.
  • Step 7Make 2 origami bunnies to use as decorations for the basket. You can follow our origami step by step here.
  • Step 8Align the first bunny where you want it to sit then carefully fold it downwards while keeping hold of the flap at the back. Staple this flap in place, then fold the bunny back up and use tape to hold it flush against the basket. Repeat on the other side to attach the second bunny.
  • Step 9To cover the staples at the top of the handle, simply fold a strip of coloured paper around the handle and secure with tape underneath.
  • Step 10Take another sheet of paper and fold it at 1-2cm intervals using a concertina fold. Once it is completely folded, use scissors to carefully cut thin strips from the end. Once you have cut the whole sheet up, gently pull apart the strips and use as shredded paper for your basket. You’re now ready to go on your Easter egg hunt!

Materials used in this activity

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