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Easter Bunny Finger Puppet

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  • Step 1Trace or glue the ear and nose templates onto felt and cut them out. By gluing the templates onto the felt it will help make the felt stronger and also makes hand sewing easier, especially for those new to hand sewing.
  • Step 2If gluing the templates onto felt, remember that the shapes will be reversed when you turn it over to the felt side, this mostly matters for the ears.
  • Step 3Stitch around the ears and glue the insides to the correct ears.
  • Step 4Glue the nose to the front of the bunny and stitch a little mouth underneath.
  • Step 5Pin the ears to the back of the finger puppet that you just glued the nose to. Grab the other half of the finger puppet and pin it to the back of the half with ears.
  • Step 6Stitch around the finger puppet, but leave the bottom open!
  • Step 7Glue two small wiggle eyes above the nose of the bunny to finish.