Father's Day

Dad is sure to love our awesome Father’s Day craft ideas. Make a handmade gift for dad this Fathers Day with our fantastic activities.

Origami Boat

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Forget all your troubles, sail away and leave all of your worries at sea! Simply fold yourself a boat and set sail!

  • Step 1Before you begin making this boat you will need to turn an A4 piece of paper into a square. To do so, fold the paper horizontally so the short end lines up with the long side.
  • Step 2Trim the excess A4 paper. You now have a square!
  • Step 3Fold the paper horizontally again in the other direction.
  • Step 4Open up that fold so you have a larger triangle shape again.
  • Step 5Fold the paper down from the tip of the triangle as shown.
  • Step 6Open up your last fold. You should have two crease lines in your large triangle shape.
  • Step 7Open up your piece of paper completely.
  • Step 8Flip the paper over and fold up the bottom lip of the paper towards the centre.
  • Step 9Continue folding the whole piece of paper in half with the bottom lip of the paper folding out in a different direction.
  • Step 10Fold the paper completely flat. You should now start to see a boat shape forming.
  • Step 11Sit your boat up and check that it looks like the one we picture.
  • Step 12Use paper and markers to decorate your boat and add more colour.

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