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CleverPatch Crafternoons: Origami Halloween Bat

You’ll go batty for these adorable origami Halloween bats! This quick craft will have you creating loads of bat friends to hang out with this Halloween. Whether they become spook-tacular decorations or gifts for the trick or treaters, they’ll be sure to impress!
  • Step 1Take a piece of origami paper and place it patterned side up on the desk. Fold the bottom edge up to the top and crease, then open the fold back up. Fold the right side over to the left and crease, then unfold.
  • Step 2Fold the bottom edge up to the middle crease you have just created and crease. Unfold, then bring the bottom edge up again to the fold line you have just made and crease before unfolding. Fold the top edge down to the middle crease and then unfold.
  • Step 3Flip the paper over so the white side is facing up and the double fold line is still sitting at the bottom. Fold the top right corner down to meet the bottom left. Crease and then unfold. Fold the top left corner down to the bottom right. Crease and then unfold. Flip the paper back over so the patterned side is facing up again.
  • Step 4Place your hands as shown so you can pull the top and bottom corners of the paper together while pushing in the centre of the left and right edges. Fold it in completely to form a triangle. Place it flat on the desk with the top of the triangle pointing downwards, making sure the side with a single horizontal fold (indicated by the pink line) is facing up.
  • Step 5Use your finger to pull the top edge open, bring it downwards and re-crease the horizontal fold that exists. Take the left point and bring it in to the centre, creasing so the edge now runs straight down the middle line.
  • Step 6Repeat on the right hand side and then fold the bottom point upwards to meet the top edge.
  • Step 7Lift the right hand flap and fold it over to the left, flattening it in place. Fold the left edge of this flap into the centre as shown and crease firmly before folding the now halved flap back to the right hand side.
  • Step 8Repeat step 7 with the left hand flap. Fold and crease it flat to the right before folding the right edge into the centre and then returning the halved flap to the left hand side.
  • Step 9Flip the triangle over. Use your finger to pull the top edge open, bringing it downwards and re-crease at the first horizontal fold that exists. Place a finger behind the top edge of the triangle and wiggle it into a pocket to the right of the centre line. Push it open first before flattening it back down as shown in the bottom left picture. Repeat on the left hand side.
  • Step 10Fold in the 2 small triangular flaps as shown to create the bat ears before folding the top point down and tucking it behind the ears.
  • Step 11Flip the paper over and you now have a bat shape! Fold the wings into the centre and crease before unfolding.
  • Step 12Add a face to your bat. We have chosen to glue on some wiggle eyes and a mouth created on white paper, however you can also use permanent markers to draw on features. Allow to dry if needed. If creating a bat for hanging, you will also need to create a hanger from embroidery thread. Attach inside the top of the folded bat using sticky tape.
  • Step 13Another option is to use your bat to hold treats! Fold the wings in and stick them together then slide a lollipop down in between for a cute way to present your treats for trick or treaters!

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