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Polymer Clay Ghost Tealights

There’s no way you’ll be scared of these ghosts! Use polymer clay to create these BOO-tiful ghost tealights, perfect for decorating this Halloween!

Please note: You will also need foil and an oven to complete this activity. Adult supervision is recommended when using an oven.

  • Step 1Take approximately 10g of your chosen colour of polymer clay. We have chosen classic white, but you can make your ghost any colour! Condition the clay in your hands to warm it up and make it more malleable. Once it’s easier to work with, roll it into a ball.
  • Step 2Roll the ball out onto a flat, clean surface. You need to use a glass or plastic roller with polymer clay for best results - we have used a dot painting tool. You want it to be a rough circle approximately 2-3mm thick.
  • Step 3Use a square of foil approximately 30 x 30cm to create a small, ghost shaped prop as shown. Use this to drape the rolled-out clay over, carefully shaping it over the foil until you are happy with the shape of your ghost.
  • Don’t press the clay too firmly onto the foil - we don’t want the clay to stick to the foil!
  • Step 4Use a pottery needle tool (the sharp pointed tool) to carve two eye holes out of the clay.
  • Step 5Let the clay sit on the foil prop for a while to cool from your hands touching it. This will firm it up so you can gently pull the clay off the prop. The clay should be able to hold its shape now.
  • If your clay doesn’t hold its shape or if you can’t get it off the prop, you can leave it and bake with the foil inside, then remove after the clay has hardened.
  • Step 6You may wish to add some fun accessories to your ghost! We made a little witch’s hat.
  • Step 7Make as many ghosts as you wish. We were able to make five ghosts from the one block of white clay.
  • Step 8Bake the ghosts in the oven, following the instructions provided. Allow them to cool and they will now be hard to the touch.
  • Step 9Place your ghost on top of an LED tealight candle. Turn the lights off and watch it glow!
  • Step 10Your Polymer Clay Ghost Tealights are now ready to display! Set them up in your room, at your desk or near the treat bowl for trick-or-treaters!

Materials used in this activity

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