Mother's Day

Make Mum feel extra special this Mother’s Day with a thoughtful handmade gift. Our craft ideas are sure to brighten Mum’s day and our step by step activities make it really easy to get crafty this Mother's day.

Mother's Day Loom Kit Weaving

Create Mum her own woven wall hanging! These colourful creations are a fun activity that will help to further develop fine motor skills, whilst creating Mum a gift for Mother's Day.
  • Did you know? A Loom is the structure needed for weaving. It holds the tension in between the thread.
  • Step 1Cut a piece of white thread around 3.5m long. This is your Warp thread. Wrap the thread around the first wooden slot and tie a knot. Wrap the Warp thread up & down through the slots in the loom board in a vertical direction until you reach the final slot at the bottom of the frame. Tie the end in a knot. Your loom board should now look like the picture shown.
  • Did you know? Warp thread are the pieces of yarn vertically strung through your loom. The thread you are weaving is called Weft thread.
  • Step 2Wrap the Weft yarn around your shuttle stick. You can also use the tapestry needle, however we found the shuttle stick easier to use. Begin to weave the Weft yarn over the first Warp thread, then under the next Warp thread. Continue this pattern from left to right until you are at the other end. Make sure you leave a small length of yarn hanging from the start position to tie off later. Once you have completed your first row, loop the thread over and back under the next Warp thread, continuing the over-under pattern from right to left. Each layer of weaving should have an opposite over-under pattern.
  • Step 3Use the wooden comb to push down the Weft yarn to create a tighter weaving pattern. Continue until the Weft yarn is finished, or you want to change colour.
  • Step 4Leave a small length of yarn hanging out from the loom, then repeat step 2 using different colours of Weft yarn.
  • Step 5Once you are around 5cm from the bottom of the loom, hold off from finishing the Weft yarn you are currently doing (as you can see in the image ours is green). Choose a colour to complete the bottom part of your weave and cut a piece around 1m long (we have chosen to use pink). From the bottom of the Warp thread, begin weaving upwards with your final colour using the same technique shown in step 2. Once you have done 5 layers of the final Weft yarn, stop.
  • Step 6Using the same colour (ours is pink), measure and cut approximately 5m of yarn. Wrap the yarn around a book. Cut the thread along both the spine and opening of the book. The length of the thread will change depending on the size of your book.
  • Step 7Take 3 pieces of the thread cut in step 6. To create a Rya knot, take the yarn in your right hand and thread the yarn under the first Warp thread and bring the 3 pieces around to the front. Using the pieces gathered at the top, twist the yarn over the second Warp thread and bring the ends through the middle of the first and second Warp threads. Make sure the length is even on both sides. Carefully pull the yarn down to the bottom of the loom.
  • Step 8Replicate the Rya knot along the entire bottom of the loom. If you wish you can even do another row above the first row of Rya knots like we have. Finish weaving your final colour of Weft yarn.
  • Step 9Use the needle to thread all of the loose ends of yarn through the back of your weaving to hold them in place.
  • Step 10Unhook the Warp thread from the loom board. Use pieces of wood around 1cm in diameter to thread through the loops as you remove them from the loom. Do this for both the top and bottom of your weaving.
  • Step 11Cut a piece of yarn 15cm long and tie to the top of your woven hanger. Your weaving is now ready to give to Mum on Mother's Day!

Materials used in this activity

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