Mother's Day

Make Mum feel extra special this Mother’s Day with a thoughtful handmade gift. Our craft ideas are sure to brighten Mum’s day and our step by step activities make it really easy to get crafty this Mother's day.

Rosette Papier Mache Vase

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Make Mum feel special this Mother's Day, give her an award rosette vase. Add some fresh flowers and she'll be over the moon!

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  • Step 1Paint your vase white. Allow to dry. This is not essential but provides a good base for painting.
  • Step 2While your paint is drying, cut a circle approximately 9cm in diameter out of tissue paper.
  • Step 3Cut your pink cover paper into 1.5cm wide strips. Wrap a strip around your vase and attach with glue. Trim the ends to fit. Create the ‘ribbon’ ends for your decoration by cutting a V-shape into the end of two of your paper strips. Attach them with glue to the strip that is wrapped around your vase, allowing enough length to dangle down so that they will be seen underneath your tissue paper circle.
  • Step 4Glue your tissue paper circle in the centre of your vase, above your paper strips.
  • Step 5With your remaining pink paper strips, cut 10 x approximately 7.5cm lengths, and fold each one in half, creating the ‘loops’. Attach the open ends of each loop to the centre of your tissue paper circle with glue in a circular pattern.
  • Step 6Cut a circle approximately 5.5cm in diameter out of yellow cover paper, and attach it to the centre of your design, on top of the loops, ensuring that the loops are visible around the edges of the circle.
  • Step 7Stick a large Foam Glitter Heart Sticker in the centre of your yellow paper circle.
  • Step 8Using glue, attach a heart shaped rhinestone in the centre of the foam heart sticker.

Materials used in this activity

Tissue Paper - Hot Pink - Pack of 5
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Papier Mache Flowerpot
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