NAIDOC Week & Reconciliation

Celebrate indigenous culture with our NAIDOC Week craft ideas.

Indigenous Animal Tracks Story Wheel

Create a spinning wheel using Indigenous Australian animal track symbols! This idea has been created by Indigenous Artist Michelle Napanangka Earl, a proud Darkinjung woman with Wonnarua ties.
This activity highlights the significance of Indigenous and Aboriginal symbols. Research Aboriginal symbols for animal tracks and draw them onto your story wheel!

CleverPatch™ recommends educators, teachers and event organisers work in consultation with their local Aboriginal Communities (start locally and extend out geographically) when planning activities & learning experiences. Any creative or art making activity that mirrors or replicates Aboriginal cultural experiences should always be undertaken in consultation with the appropriate owners of that cultural property.

Some materials and products may contain terms that reflect authors' views, both current or past. These views may not be considered appropriate today and are provided in a historical context. These views are not necessarily the views of CleverPatch.

  • Step 1Research Aboriginal symbols for native animal tracks that are used in storytelling and artworks. We have also provided an Activity Template that includes some symbols drawn by Michelle – you can use these templates as a quick and easy activity or ask students to create their own animal track symbols using their research as a guide.
  • Step 2For a quick and easy activity, download and print the templates provided. Decorate the templates and allow to dry if needed. Cut out and glue the templates to your wooden story wheel. Adult supervision is recommended when using scissors. Allow to dry.
  • Step 3If you would like an extended activity, follow the steps below.
  • Step 4Paint each section on the base piece of the wheel a different colour. Allow to dry.
  • Step 5On each section, draw one of your symbols and the name of the animal they represent. You can use a pencil to help sketch the outlines. Use a white paint marker or paint to decorate the symbols and names. Allow to dry.
  • Step 6Trace around the symbols with a permanent pen.
  • Step 7Paint the top piece of the wheel black. Allow to dry.
  • Step 8Use a silver paint marker to add a title to your wheel – Michelle has chosen Native Australian Animal Tracks. Allow to dry.
  • Step 9Decorate the top piece using dot painting tools and bright colours. You can mix colours and vary the sizing of the dot tools to create a pattern. Allow to dry.
  • CleverTip: Add a small amount of water to the paint before you make the dots; this will help the consistency of the paint and ensure a solid dot. Don’t forget to wipe the tools clean in between colours to avoid any colours mixing, and clean thoroughly after use to ensure they are ready for the next time you use them!
  • Step 10Place the top piece on top of the base piece and secure with a paper fastener.
  • Step 11Your Indigenous Animal Tracks Story Wheel is now ready to use!

Materials used in this activity

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