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Indigenous Colours Loom Band Bracelet

Get ready for NAIDOC Week with a handmade loom bracelet!

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  • Step 1Place your loom board so it is horizontal on a flat surface. Stretch a band over two pegs on the loom board as shown. Attach the plastic ‘s’ connector to the centre of the band – this will become the clasp to hold your finished bracelet together.
  • Step 2Stretch two more bands over the top of the first band. Ensure the bands are placed evenly on the pegs. Use your plastic hook to lift the bottom band on one side up and over the top two bands. Repeat for the other side so the bottom band is hanging in the middle.
  • Step 3Place another band over the two pegs and lift the bottom band up and over. Continue this process until you have added on 20 red, then 10 yellow and then 20 black bands. You can use as many bands as you like to change the length of the bracelet.
  • CleverTip: You could also add pony beads in Indigenous colours to your bands while making your bracelet for an extra design element! Simply thread a band through the centre of a bead before stretching over the two pegs.
  • Step 4To finish the bracelet, lift the bottom band over the top band. Carefully lift the remaining band off the loom board using your hook. Attach the other end of the ‘s’ connector from Step 1 to both sides of the band on your hook.
  • Step 5Your Loom Band Bracelet is now ready to wear for NAIDOC Week!

Materials used in this activity

Loom Board
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Pony Beads - Indigenous Colours - 250g Pack
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Loom Bands - Indigenous Colours - Pack of 300
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