NAIDOC Week & Reconciliation

Celebrate indigenous culture with our NAIDOC Week craft ideas.

CleverPatch Crafternoons – NAIDOC Week: Painting with Aunty Michelle Napanangka Earl

Celebrate NAIDOC Week with our wonderful friend and artist, Michelle Napanangka Earl! Follow along as she teaches us the techniques that she uses to create her amazing dot painted artworks.

CleverPatch™ recommends educators, teachers and event organisers work in consultation with their local Aboriginal Communities (start locally and extend out geographically) when planning activities & learning experiences. Any creative or art making activity that mirrors or replicates Aboriginal cultural experiences should always be undertaken in consultation with the appropriate owners of that cultural property.

Some materials and products may contain terms that reflect authors' views, both current or past. These views may not be considered appropriate today and are provided in a historical context. These views are not necessarily the views of CleverPatch.

  • Step 1Begin by deciding if you want to paint directly onto the wood, or if you want to have a base colour instead. We have chosen to paint a black base, but you could choose any colour you like. Paint the snake if required and allow to dry.
  • Step 2Prepare your paints by squeezing a small amount of your chosen colours into the palette wells. Use a paint brush to mix a small amount of water into each colour to create a nice, smooth consistency.
  • Step 3Think about the design you want on your snake. You may wish to plan it out on scrap paper or simply get stuck in and paint straight on to the snake.
  • Step 4Use the paint brushes to add in any lines or banding on the snake’s body.
  • Step 5Create dots using the scratch board tools or jumbo wooden art sticks. You can use both ends of these tools to create different sized dots. Dip the end of the tool into the paint and then press gently onto the snake. If needed, you can always go back over the dots later for a more vibrant finish. Make sure you remember to wipe the tools when you are finished with one colour to avoid mixing and muddying the paint colours!
  • Step 6Continue to decorate your snake until your design is complete. Allow to dry.
  • Step 7Your Dot Painted Snake is now ready to display for NAIDOC Week!

Materials used in this activity

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Paint Brushes - Pack of 12
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