NAIDOC Week & Reconciliation

Celebrate indigenous culture with our NAIDOC Week craft ideas.

NAIDOC Inspired Emu Marionette

Create this gorgeous Emu puppet whilst learning about Aboriginal culture. Research the dreamtime story of Dinewan the Emu and discover some very interesting Aboriginal beliefs (
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CleverPatch™ recommends educators, teachers and event organisers work in consultation with their local Aboriginal Communities (start locally and extend out geographically) when planning activities & learning experiences. Any creative or art making activity that mirrors or replicates Aboriginal cultural experiences should always be undertaken in consultation with the appropriate owners of that cultural property.

Some materials and products may contain terms that reflect authors' views, both current or past. These views may not be considered appropriate today and are provided in a historical context. These views are not necessarily the views of CleverPatch.

  • Step 1Create a pom pom maker by using the template found under ‘How to make a pom pom’.
  • Step 2Follow the ‘How to make a pom pom’ instructions to create 2 pom poms.
  • Step 3Trim 1 of your pom poms so that it is smaller than the other pom pom. The smaller pom pom will become your emu’s head and the larger will become your emu’s body.
  • Step 4To create the neck and legs of the Emu, cut a variety of yarn into 40cm lengths until you are happy with the thickness.
  • Step 5Divide the yarn into 2 lots and tie a knot in the top of both bunches.
  • Step 6To create your emu’s neck, plait the first bunch of yarn. Trim the plait to the desired length of your Emu’s neck and then secure with a knot.
  • Step 7To create your emu’s legs, plait the other bunch of yarn and then thread 2 wooden beads onto the plait before securing with a knot. Fold the plait in half and push each bead onto each end. Tie to secure.
  • Step 8Lay your emu out on the table and then begin attaching each piece to the next using yarn. Secure tightly around each pom pom with a double knot.
  • Step 9Once your emu is joined, attach a length of elastic to the head, body and the end of each leg.
  • Step 10To create your horizontal control, trim 1 bamboo stick and then attach it to another with yarn.
  • Step 11Carefully attach each piece of elastic to the bamboo control making sure the lengths sit correctly. Tie to secure.
  • Step 12Attach wiggle eyes to your emu’s head with glue and you are ready to create your own dreamtime story puppet show!

Materials used in this activity

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