Celebrate indigenous culture with our NAIDOC Week craft ideas.

NAIDOC Week: Wood & Clay Snake

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Explore beautiful Indigenous inspired patterns and textures using CleverClay™ modelled onto a wooden snake!

Some materials and products may contain terms that reflect authors' views, both current or past. These views may not be considered appropriate today and are provided in a historical context. These views are not necessarily the views of CleverPatch.

  • Step 1Research Indigenous patterns and symbols and then use a pencil to sketch a design onto your snake.
  • Step 2Take your first colour of clay and begin to mould it onto the snake to fill in parts of your design.
  • Step 3Continue to fill in parts of your pattern using a second colour.
  • Step 4Don’t forget the clay can be mixed to create different colours. We chose to mix red and yellow to create orange!
  • Step 5Continue to fill in the design with colours until the wooden snake is completely covered.
  • Step 6Make some snake eyes and press them on firmly in place.
  • Step 7Finish your snake by using a scratch board tool to press patterns into the CleverClay™!
  • This activity uses approximately 1 and a half squares of CleverClay™ per snake so you should be able to make approximately 4 snakes from a set of 6 colours. This will obviously depend on which colours you wish to use and how thick you apply the clay to the snake.

Materials used in this activity

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