NAIDOC Week & Reconciliation

Celebrate indigenous culture with our NAIDOC Week craft ideas.

NAIDOC Inspired Wooden Circle Pendant

This is a beautiful idea for a gift. Personalise with your own artwork and then thread onto a chain or string. 

This idea may be used as a learning experience for NAIDOC Week or at any point to celebrate Indigenous and Aboriginal culture. More information and resources on Aboriginal and Indigenous art are available here.

Artwork created by Indigenous artist Michelle Napanangka Earl

CleverPatch™ recommends educators, teachers and event organisers work in consultation with their local Aboriginal Communities (start locally and extend out geographically) when planning activities & learning experiences. Any creative or art making activity that mirrors or replicates Aboriginal cultural experiences should always be undertaken in consultation with the appropriate owners of that cultural property.

Some materials and products may contain terms that reflect authors' views, both current or past. These views may not be considered appropriate today and are provided in a historical context. These views are not necessarily the views of CleverPatch.

  • Step 1Give your wooden circle a coat of paint to provide a background colour for your design.
    This is not essential but provides a good base for further painting. Allow to dry.
  • Step 2Sketch your design out onto a piece of paper and then transfer or copy it onto your wooden circle.
  • Step 3Fill in your design with paint. You may like to research further Indigenous and Aboriginal art techniques for ideas.
    If you would like to create dots on your pendant, we recommend using toothpicks or skewers. Allow to dry.
  • Step 4Attach a small piece of string to the hole in the wooden circle. Secure with a double knot.
  • Step 5Move the ring of string so that the knot is on the back of the pendant.
  • Step 6 Place a small piece of tape over the knot in your string so that it will not move.
  • Step 7Turn your pendant over.
  • Step 8Cut a piece of string long enough to place over your head and thread it through the string loop on your pendant. Secure with a double knot.

Materials used in this activity

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