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Rainbow Snake

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In Aboriginal dreamtime stories, the Rainbow Snake was one of the creatures who shaped the earth and then inhabited various waterholes. When a rainbow is seen in the sky it is described as the rainbow snake travelling to a new waterhole after a storm disturbs him. Create your very own rainbow snake and tell this dreamtime story to your friends! You can find out more about the Rainbow Snake at Kullilla Art.

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  • Step 1Using wire cutters, cut a piece of armature wire double the length you would like your snake to be.
  • Remember to ask an adult for help when cutting the wire!
  • Step 3Join the two wire ends by twisting together and then flatten those ends back onto the wire frame. Bend the wire frame into a snake shape!
  • Pushing the wire frame into more of a long sausage shape will make it easier to wind the yarn around it - you can bend it into more of a snake shape after the yarn wrapping is complete!
  • Step 5Cut a piece of coloured yarn and tie it to one end of the wire snake in a double knot.
  • Step 6Begin wrapping the yarn around the wire frame. It’s okay to overlap the yarn as it covers the frame more effectively.
  • Step 7To help with wrapping the tricky curved end of the wire, cover it with a small piece of CleverTack. This will make the yarn stay where it is wrapped and not slide off the curve.
  • Step 8Continue to wrap the yarn around the frame. To change colour yarn simply tie a double knot between the end of the first piece of yarn and the next coloured piece and then continue wrapping!
  • Try not to wrap your yarn too tight as it will squish your snake into a very skinny sausage!
  • Step 10Wrap your entire snake in a variety of colours. Tie off the last piece of yarn with a double knot onto the wire frame.
  • Step 11Glue two small wiggle eyes onto your snakes head.
  • Step 12Your rainbow snake is now ready to be bent and twisted into a fantastic snake shape!

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