St. Patricks Day

You’ve found the pot of gold with our St Patricks Day craft ideas!

St Patrick's Day Clover Wand

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Get ready to weave some mystical Irish magic with your very own lucky clover wand! It may not be four-leafed but it’s worth more than a pot o’ Gold!

  • Step 1Thread a variety of barrel beads onto 3 green chenille stems.
  • Step 2Bend each of your chenille stems into an ‘M’ shape.
  • Step 3Join the ends of each chenille stem to form 3 heart shapes.
  • Step 4Wrap the ends of each heart together using half of another chenille stem. Leave the other half loose.
  • Step 5Using the extra half of your chenille stem, wrap the end of your bamboo stick tightly.
  • You may need to wrap an extra chenille stem to make it secure.
  • Step 7Tie 3 or 4 ribbons together at one end.
  • Step 8Attach the knotted end of the ribbons underneath the chenille stem at the top of your wand.
  • Step 9Your wand is complete!

Materials used in this activity

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