World Environment Day

Learn about the environment and caring for our planet this World Environment Day. What better way to learn than with craft? Environmental craft ideas and activities just for you.

Garden Wall Plaque

Create a stunning focal point for your garden. Hang this beautiful plaque up on an outdoor wall and enjoy your creativity!

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  • CT- We used 9 coasters but you could use more or less depending on your garden space.
  • Step 1Place your terracotta coasters onto a flat surface and arrange them into your plaque shape.
  • Step 2Begin arranging your driftwood onto the coasters. Look to our design for inspiration or come up with your own fabulous design!
  • Step 3Continue adding your pieces of driftwood and pebbles until you are happy with your design.
  • Step 4Attach your pieces of driftwood and pebbles with glue. Allow to dry.