Beads & Jewellery

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  • Step 1Begin by designing your pattern on a piece of grid paper. Look to our patterns on for inspiration or come up with your own.
  • A warp is the long length of string stretching from one end of the loom to the other. A weft is the length of string that weaves between the warp.
  • Step 3Count how many beads high your design is. You will need to cut a warp piece of string for each bead in the height (If you have a design with a height of eight beads, you will cut nine pieces of string).
  • Step 4Cut the amount of string you need (about 40cm long), and tie a knot in one end.
  • Step 5Divide the knotted string in half and loop around the wooden spool on the loom. Tighten by winding the string onto the spool.
  • Step 6Separate each string so each piece sits in its own section of the black coil on the bar of the loom. Pull the string across to the other side of the loom, keeping it divided. Tie the loose ends and loop them around the remaining wooden spool. Tighten this end, and make sure the string is pulled tight.
  • Step 7Thread a needle, with a piece of string (about 40cm long). Tie the loose end of your threaded needle to the string on the loom closest to you.
  • Step 8To thread the beads onto the loom, slide beads on the needle and thread. Run this completely underneath the warp threads. Place a bead in between each warp thread, then loop the needle over the warp threads, picking up the beads on your way back.
  • Step 9Continue this process until you have beaded your whole pattern. If you run out of weft string, tie the string off and repeat Step 6. When you have finished your beading, tie the thread off securely.
  • Finish off your bead design by making it into a bracelet.
  • Step 11Take the string off the loom by loosening the spool
  • Step 12Cut the string on both ends, leaving about 10cm of loose string.
  • Step 13One end at a time, use jewellery crimps to secure the loose beads, and then tie the string onto a jump ring
  • Step 14Once you have done this on both ends of your bracelet, attach a jewellery clasp to one end to finish!

Materials used in this activity