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Bert and Bella Bead Characters

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These little rascals are super cute and so simple to create! Once you have created one character you'll want to make a whole family of them!

  • Step 1Begin by cutting a long length of jute twine. Fold the twine in half and knot the folded end to create a loop. Thread a wooden bead onto the yarn and push it all the way up to the knot.
  • Step 2Trim the jute twine so that it is long enough to be a body and legs. Knot the two strands of twine at the ends to create feet.
  • Step 3Choose a colour of ribbon and start making your character’s body by weaving and knotting the ribbon over and around itself as shown in the picture.
  • Step 4Continue this technique until you have covered the whole body of your character.
  • Step 5Trim the excess ribbon to create arms and knot the loose ends of the ribbon to create hands.
  • Step 6Cut a short length of ribbon in another colour and use this to tie a bow around your character’s neck.
  • Step 7Use a marker to draw a face on your bead character.
  • Step 8Use the steps above to create as many characters as you desire!

Materials used in this activity

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