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Friendship Bracelets

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Everyone loves friendship bracelets! Create one of these bright bracelets to give as a gift to your best friend.

Seach terms: international day of friendships. 

  • Step 1Choose the two colours of ribbon that you’d like to use to make your bracelet. Tie these together at one end.
  • Step 2Cut a length of jute twine, approximately 30cm long, and fold it in half. Tie the ribbon around the top of the jute leaving a small gap creating a loop.
  • Step 3Begin your bracelet by weaving and knotting the ribbon over and around itself as shown in the picture.
  • Step 4Keep weaving and knotting the ribbon onto the jute twine.
  • Step 5Continue this technique until you have covered enough of the jute twine to wrap around your wrist.
  • Step 6Once you are happy with the length of the decorated twine, knot the loose ribbon and trim the ends.
  • Step 7To finish the bracelet, wrap it around your friend’s arm and thread one of the loose ends through the loop and tie to secure. Cut off the excess twine.
  • Step 8Try creating lots of different coloured bracelets for all of your friends!

Materials used in this activity

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